Evolution Armory is proud to offer PVD/DLC Coatings

PVD/DLC Coating PVD/DLC Coating
PVD/DLC Coating PVD/DLC Coating

If you are looking for a high performance coating for your firearm that is durable and looks fantastic, then look no further than one of Evolution Armory's beautiful PVD selections.

Physical Vapor Deposition is a process used to provide hardness and abrasion resistance to machine parts and cutting tools in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The micronized nature of our PVD coatings ensures there are no perceivable layers of thickness added to the medium it is being applied to. This makes PVD coatings perfect for application to both firearms and firearm components.

The average micro hardness of PVD coatings are over 80 on the Rockwell hardness scale, yet does not effect the characteristics of the steel underneath. This provides excellent abrasion resistance and a lowered coefficient of friction, which results in less resistance and heat buildup. We recommend you keep the coated parts oiled to prevent corrosion.

Benefits of PVD Coating:
- Hard, scratch, and wear resistant
- Lubricious, corrosion, and chemical resistant
- Beautiful color
- No appreciable build-up to interfere with firearm operation
- Can be applied over a high polish finish

Please Note: Coating may not be able to be applied to metal that has been chromed, nitrided, or any other finish that requires a chemical strip.

PVD/DLC Pricelist

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Complete pistol, matte finish, includes frame, slide, barrel and up to 14 small parts - Add $75 if sending assembled (covers test fire & sight alignment)


Complete pistol, matte rounds with polished flats, includes frame, slide, barrel and up to 14 small parts - Add $75 if sending assembled (covers test fire & sight alignment)


Pistol frame only, matte finish


Complete pistol lower, matte finish, includes frame and external small parts


Pistol slide only, matte finish


Pistol slide and external parts, matte finish


Pistol barrel (up to 6 inches)


Magwell mainspring housings


Pistol magazines


All other small parts


Small parts would include but not limited to: Safety, Slide Stops, Mag Catch, Extractors, Hammers, Pins, Barrel Bushings, Firing Pin Stops, etc.

Pricing for non-pistol parts available upon request.

Return shipping is $10.95 for small parts orders or $25.00 for complete guns going to an FFL Licensee. If a frame or complete gun needs to be shipped to an individual, the law requires Air shipping by common carrier i.e: UPS or Fedex. That cost will be the actual cost incurred. We do not make make money on shipping. Call or email if you have any questions.

Colors currently being offered are Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

PVD/DLC orders should be sent to us at the address below with a packing list of parts included. Please also include your complete contact information including Name, Address, Phone Number and email address. Please include a Check or Money Order for the full amount including return shipping. We can take credit card payments over the phone for a 3% charge to recoup the credit card processing fee.

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